5 Mistakes that Small Businesses Make When Trying Social Media Marketing

Marketing with Social Media is very attractive to small businesses because initially it’s out-of-pocket costs are low, only takes time, effort and creativity to get your word out.

But for many small businesses social media marketing just doesn’t work so well.

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable suggests that the reason why small businesses lack success with social media marketing is that they try to promote their business and products;  after all isn’t marketing all about promoting?  In the social media world the answer is a resounding no.

How many of these mistakes are you making with your social media marketing?  MISTAKES

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    I wanted to thank you Mike for your dedication to our company while working with us. A number of topics that you assisted in implementing have increased our revenues:
    1) Concentrating on current patients and increasing revenues by increasing services
    2) Different selling strategies (tone of voice, key words, contracts, softeners, etc)
    3) Organizing our referral process (consistent paper work, filing, and getting back in touch with those that did not work out)
    4) Customer service- we have pushed for increased testimonials and monitor feedback we get from our patients family members on their overall satisfaction of our care.
    5) Communication- you have taught us to pay attention to minor details with regards to business etiquette and business-to-business relations. You displayed the ultimate professionalism and a high level of expertise for the health care industry while working with us. We truly appreciate your hard work.

    Rey LeBlanc and Mary Demakes
    Private Home Care

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