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4 Tools To Help Guard Your Time

In my book, 9 Ways to Turbocharge Your Business, I explore the need for entrepreneurs and business owners to protect their time. Time, after all, is our only non-renewable resource. There’s no way to get back those lost hours you … Continue reading
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What New Business Tools Can Help Grow My Business While Saving Me Time and Money

Wanted to share with you the list of business tools that a fellow business coach who like me is a member of Professional Business Coach Alliance has found useful in growing his business while saving time and money.  Just click … Continue reading
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How Do You Get Your Team To Do What You Want?

business coach, business coachingStop Managing Start Coaching Managing is largely about conducting and coordinating the efforts of the team to most effectively and efficiently utilize their resources to accomplish the desired goal or objectives. As such, managing is task-oriented and focuses mostly on … Continue reading
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Why Not Put Your Customer and Customer Service On Hold?

A recent experience, where I was on the receiving side of customer service, caused me to think hard about customer service issues yet again. Now my customer experience adventure was with Quick Books by Intuit.  I’ve been a customer for … Continue reading

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Ditch the Awful Customers

What a disconnect, most small business owners are proud of their great customer service yet many clients/customers complain of horribly poor service.  Examples of horribly poor service: The nursing home that touts their home cooked meals and then serves their … Continue reading

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One Question That Tripled Profit


Must admit when I first heard about the One Little Question I was skeptical that it could make a real difference in how much profit could be generated by a sale.  After all the price is the price, right.  But … Continue reading

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What is the Best Way to Grow a Business? Prepare To Sell It!

germinating idea

  When coaching young entrepreneurs who have been in business 3-5 years they react with surprise when I ask them about their exit plan.  They reply, “Who needs to think about exiting, I just want to get this business on … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss the Opportunity Cost

From the simplest buying decisions such as whether to pick up a cup of coffee at Mickey D’s this morning or brew my own, to more complex business decisions such as should I focus on one business initiative over another, … Continue reading

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What Is Content Marketing and How to Make the Best of It?

Content Marketing is growing in popularity with businesses who find that more traditional advertisements and promotions have a hard time getting the attention of the market.  So what could interest and engage the market? Today the answer to that question … Continue reading

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What is the Scientific Way to Grow Your Business?

Is there a scientific way to grow your business and  make more money? Most people would agree that to make more money in your business you need to market it better.  And for many business owners that means doing what … Continue reading

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